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Crazy Potterhead.
Dark Side lover.
Cosplayer & RPGamer. Most of my chatacters are in HP Universe.
Rigel B. Lestrange (OC)
Iris A. Bane (OC)
Demeter I. MacFusty (OC)
Christian T. Nott (OC)
Swift (real name is Yasen Dimitrev, OC for the realm of "The house in which...")
Augustus A. Rookwood (canon)
Stefan-Theodore Corbu (OC)
Victoria F. Nott (OC)
Rodolphus I. Lestrange (canon)

I make HP-inspired magic wands, paint wooden things and clothes, make some nice things from polmyer clay, use Photoshop, seldom draw (I'm not as good in it as I want).
I think, I'm quite good in poetry.
death eater stamp by steamwork Stamp: Pottermore Slytherin by Shinexa disagree =/= hate by Colliequest Slytherin Stamp by Softijshamster crucio by Violet737 Female Perv and PROUD by Forever---Free I Don't Give a Ship by StampMakerLKJ I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin heart selfcest by and-stamps High Standards by Emmasj OCs Stamp by BowChickaBowWow Stamp. by Trynnie Good Heart Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Stamp Insanity by Trasgo01 bleeding hearts by Dametora I Support Voldemort Stamp by Piishii-isdzan
Death Eater, Clearly Stamp by Piishii-isdzan


120 deviations
At least between worlds
Demeter MacFusty and the love of her whole life, Damon Travers. The photo was taken at the roleplaying ball called 'The Dream Between Worlds' in Saint-Petersburg.
When I was going to went there as Demi, I didn't know Damon will be there too. It was a big surprise... Sad surprise. I was Demeter from 1980 and he was 2000's Travers who is already married with Evelina Avery, and he came with his wife. He also didn't know I'm Demeter till he invited me to dance figured waltz and asked my name.
Damon never loved Demi. She loves him from her fourteen and will love till the very end. She does everything he asks for his single smile.
When the music ended and Damon escorted Demeter to her seat, she embraced him tightly and kissed him on the cheek. And it wasn't a friendship kiss. Usually she even don't dare to touch his hand, but that evening she was quite drunk and it was a dream, so what can she lose?
When they danced, Demeter was absolutely happy. She had a chance to touch Damon, to be close to him, to be led by him, to look in his shining eyes and listen to his voice, no matter how painful his words might be.
'He is alive, sane and happy with the woman he loves', she thought. Even though Demeter's poor heart was bleeding, she still only wanted him to be happy. And she was glad too. It was a dance full of hopeless love and bitter tenderness, absolute devotion and sincere sacrifice.
- Please, control yourself.
- I can't do it.
- You can't... But I'm married. Does it hurt?
- It's a dream. And it hurts all the evening.

Photo taken by Varvara Godlevskaya
Photoshop by me
Hebridean Red
My young Scottish beauty, Demeter Iona MacFusty)
There was a ball named 'A Dream Between Worlds' in Saint-Petersburg, and I went there as Demeter. Guests were dressed as many different characters from books, movies and computer games (like Dragon Age for example), and also as their OCs, like me. We danced five hours long, and there were many beautiful historical dances like Pas de grâce, Pas de trois, several waltzes, contredanses and other) I enjoyed the evening, really :meow:
Here I'm in a dress which I've sewed by myself in one night)
Brothers-in-law, partners in crime
Rodolphus Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy.
Seriously, I NEVER shipped them. In my headcanon they nearly hate each other. But the player matters. In the LARPG I'm going to play next August we have so nice player for Lucius that I just can't resist)

Heather is a symbol of a sexual relationships, it's a joke between our game players. Kind of 'you know what I mean' :D

I do not own the pictures except the 4th one.
The characters and the HP universe belong to J.K. Rowling
Stolen from DolohovFangirl

What is your name?

Rigel: Rigel Bellatrix Lestrange
Demi: Demeter Iona MacFusty... Uhm, or Bane, if I'm already married...
Rigel: Woman, don't even think about it. You will be married, but not yet.
Demi: Okay, as you wish, dear. *helpless gesture*
Chris: Christian Theodore Nott
Iris: Iris Arthemisia Bane

Do you know why you were named that?

Rigel: I was named after the star in Orion constellation.
Demi: My first name was my mother's idea, the second one was given by my father and is also the name of one of the Hebrides islands.
Chris: Christian is the family name. My father is Theodore Christian, and my grandfather's name was Christian Theodore, like mine.
Iris: My mother likes irises and wormwood, so she named me after them. Also, Iris is the Greek deity of rainbow.

Are you single or taken?

Rigel: I belong to my Lord.
Demi: I belong to everyone I want.
Chris: I'm neither. *looks at his three current girlfriends*
Iris: Single. Forever alone, haha.

What are you?

Rigel: A pureblood witch, a lady and a warrior.
Demi: A proud Scottish witch.
Chris: A heir... And an embodiment of charm and courtesy. *bows politely*
Me: Oh, you won't die of modesty.
Chris: Indeed. ;)
Iris: A witch.

Have any abilities or powers?

All: Magic. Obviously.

What's your eye color?

Rigel: Hazel
Demi: Dark jade green
Chris: Dark brown
Iris: Hazel

How about hair color?

Rigel: Chestnut
Demi: Ginger ^_^
Chris: Dark brown
Iris: Chestnut

Have any family members?

Rigel: My parents, elder brother Regor, uncle Rabastan and lady Narcissa. I don't consider Mr. Malfoy and his annoying son as my family.
Demi: Oh, I have really big and loving family! The closest to me are my parents, my elder brother Brian and younger sister Joselyn. Later I'll marry my best friend Isaac and we will have a beautiful daughter. Hi, Iris, sunshine of mine!
Chris: My parents and younger brother Adrian.
Iris: Hello, mom) I live with my parents, also I have two grandfathers and one grandmother (she's great!) and my uncle and cousin who live in Germany.

Oh? How about pets?

Rigel: I have my own hippogriff named Anthracite. Also we're friends with a female knizzle who lives in our mansion, but she's not my pet.
Demi: Storm, my snowy owl.
Chris: *grins* It seems Adrian is my pet.
Iris: My owl, his name is Almond.

That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Rigel: Lying.
Demi: Waiting and being ignored.
Chris: Losing.
Iris: Being helpless.

Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Rigel: Falcon hunting, combat magic training, fencing, singing, spending time with my beloved ones, using knives and the Cruciatus Curse, and following my Liege's orders. Yes, I really enjoy serving Him.
Demi: Singing, dancing, sidestepping the rules, playing truth or dare and kissing games, gardening, seducing gorgeous Death Eaters...) And sleeping till noon :D
Chris: Quidditch, reading, dating beautiful people and having small talks with friends.
Iris: Reading, stargazing, playing flute, listening to my friends and housemates talking.

Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?

Rigel: *predatory smile* Oh, yesssss...
Demi: I'm a Slytherin graduate, of course I'm not an angel!
Iris: Do pixies account? :D Yes, I did this.  No kidding.

Ever... killed anyone before?

Rigel: Yes.
Demi: No.
Chris: No.
Iris: No.

Name your worst habits?

Rigel: You don't want to know. Seriously.
Demi: Drinking a lot and sleeping with many people... Oh, wait, these aren't bad habits...Giggle Then, the fact I constantly complain when feel tired.
Chris: I'm perfect.
Iris: Muttering, I suppose.

Do you look up to anyone at all?

Rigel: My father.
Demi: Some of my friends.
Chris: No, I'm self-made.
Iris: Some of my Hogwarts teachers.

Do you go to school?

Rigel & Demi: We are Slytherin graduates.
Chris & Iris: We are Slytherin students.

Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

Rigel: Yes. I want a boy and a girl)
Demi: I will have a daughter.
Chris: Yes, but much later!
Iris: Yes.

Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Rigel: *looks at AlcatrazBlack*
Demi: No. I think, no.
Chris: Yes, I have.
Iris: No.

What are you most afraid of?

Rigel: If our Lord died and we lost all. My world would be destroyed.
Demi: I afraid to know that another my beloved one is dead or arrested.
Chris: I afraid to became disabled.
Iris: A war.

What do you usually wear?

Rigel: Convenient clothes which does not restrict movement, or something that produces the desired impression. Or my Death Eater uniform which is both)
Demi: Something as sexy as a pureblood witch can afford.
Chris: Something stylish. I like classical white shirts, for example.
Iris: I don't think a lot about clothes, it just has to be clean. accurate and fit the situation.

Well, it's still not over!

All: Okaay...

How many friends do you have?

All: Very few, but they're true ones.

Favorite drink?

Rigel: Tea for a 'five o'clock', blood for a night party :meow:
Demi: Cider!Cheers fella white-wine (party) 
Chris: Tea England emote
Iris: Apple juiceOJ Dance 

Are you interested in anyone~?

Rigel: I'm obsessed.
Demi: Me too.
Both: If we talk exactly about 'interest', we're with each other :heart::heart:
Chris: In every beautiful lady.
Iris: I still can't forget Adam. Maybe it will pass soon, maybe not.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Rigel: A lake.
Demi: The ocean! I was born on the Islands, ocean is in my veins!
Rigel: No.
Demi: ?
Rigel: You're much sweeter, dear.
Chris: A lake. I don't like salt water.
Iris: A lake.

What's your type?

Rigel: Type of whom? A man, a woman, a brother in arms, a victim?) *in a low vice* Demi is my perfect victim, indeed. Young masochistic redhead girl :heart:
Demi: Intelligent. And they must not be afraid to use the power they have for me.
Chris: Smart and charming. And with something unique.
Iris: I don't know.

Camping or indoors?

Rigel: Camping! I like woods.
Demi: Both!
Chris: Indoors.
Iris: Indoors. But I'm used to live in a house with a large garden.

Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

Me: No, I like to write about my characters)
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